Brentwood Club Championship 2023/24

Venue: Brentwood Chess Club
Controller: Mr Malcolm Kingsley

First player to win a game wins their match.
Player marked with (W) in the tables below plays the first game as white.
Players to alternate colours between games in a match.
First game: 80 minutes plus 10 second increment per move, for all moves (For U16 optionally 30 minutes for all moves)
Second game: 30 minutes for all moves
Third game: 5 minutes for all moves
Fourth game: (Armageddon) 5 minutes for white, 4 minutes for black. White must win otherwise a win for black.

Club Competition:

Round 1Quarter-FinalsSemi-FinalsFinal
Malcolm Kingsley (W)1r
Nathaniel Jaffa0r
Malcolm Kingsley½, 1r
Joe Crossley (W)½, 0r
David Ince (W)½, 0r
Joe Crossley½, 1r
Malcolm Kingsley (W)1
Christopher Willoughby0
Andrew Willoughby (W)½, 1r
Brandon Robbshaw½, 0r
Andrew Willoughby0
Christopher Willoughby (W)1
David D'Cruz (W)0
Christopher Willoughby1
Malcolm Kingsley
Rob Davies (W)1
Louis-Roman Jornod0
Rob Davies0
Michael Mason (W)1
Russell Fisher (W)0
Michael Mason1
Michael Mason
Rod Johnson (W)
Alex Bloomfield (W)0
Colin Ellis1
Colin Ellis (W)0
Rod Johnson1
Shashwat Shukla (W)0r
Rod Johnson1r

Plate Competition:

Round 1Semi-FinalsFinal
Nathaniel Jaffa (W)
David Ince
Brandon Robbshaw
Brandon Robbshaw (W)½, 1r
David D'Cruz½, 0r
Louis-Roman Jornod (W)0
Russell Fisher1
Russell Fisher
Alex Bloomfield (W)
Shashwat Shukla