Brentwood Club Championship 2017/18

Venue: Brentwood Chess Club
Controller: Mr Gavin Hughes

First player to win a game wins their match.
Player marked with (W) in the tables below plays the first game as white.
Players to alternate colours between games in a match.
First game: 90 minutes for all moves
Second game: 30 minutes for all moves
Third game: 15 minutes for all moves
Fourth game: (Armageddon) 5 minutes for white, 4 minutes for black. White must win otherwise a win for black.

Club Competition:

Round 1Round 2Quarter-FinalsSemi-FinalsFinal
Gavin Hughes½, 1
Steve Rosser (W)½, 0
Gavin Hughes (W)½, 1r
Malcolm Kingsley½, 0r
Malcolm Kingsley
Gavin Hughes 1
Rob Davies (W) 0
Russell Fisher1
Liam Czop (W)0
Russell Fisher (W) 0
Rob Davies 1
Rob Davies1
Olegs Lascenko (W)0
Gavin Hughes (W) ½, 1r
Trevor Coote ½, 0r
Trevor Coote (W)1
David D'Cruz0
Trevor Coote ½, 1r
Tim Weaver (W) ½, 0r
Tim Weaver
Trevor Coote (W) ½, 1r
Aidan McGee ½ 0r
Vladimirs Romanovs 0
Marcin Czop (W) 1
Marcin Czop ½, 0r
Aidan McGee (W) ½, 1r
Colin Tyrrell (W) 0
Colin Ellis 1
Colin Ellis (W) 0
Aidan McGee 1
Aidan McGee

Plate Competition:

Round 1Semi-FinalsFinal
David D'Cruz (W) 1
Stephen Rosser 0
David D'Cruz (W) 0
Colin Ellis 1
Colin Ellis
Colin Ellis (W) 1
Olegs Lascenko 0
Olegs Lascenko
Olegs Lascenko (W) 1
Colin Tyrrell 0
Colin Tyrrell (W) 1
Liam Czop 0