Brentwood Club Championship 2014/15

Venue: Brentwood Chess Club
Controller: Mr David Gambardella
Time Limit: 90 minutes (alternatively 15 minutes) for all moves

1Rod Johnson153 (155)X1011½111
2Ben Smith141 (129)0X1111116
3Gavin Strachan153 (144)1X11111116
4Nick Murphy142X1111113
5Rob Davies130 (135)000101X112
6Chris Phillips105 (099)000X0112
7Tim Weaver127 (u)000X112
8Dave D’Cruz100 (102)00X½1
9Lijo Joseu01X1
10Trevor Coote176 (172)½01X½
11Steve Rosser107 (109)00100½X½
12Russell Fisher098 (099)000X0
13Malcolm Kingsley149 (157)00X0
14Colin Tyrrell071 (068)0100X0

(1) :- 15 minutes aside games.

A deciding game was played by Gavin Strachan and Rod Johnson on Tuesday 28th July. The time limit was 90 minutes each for all moves. Gavin Strachan had the white pieces. The opening was a Scandinavian and Gavin sacrificed a piece but Rod survived the complications to win the game and the club championship.